Factory Machine Just About Ruined My Back

I work in a factory, and I started to work at a new machine a couple of months ago. I am the third person to be assigned to the machine. They actually asked me if I would work it. Two other workers begged to be transferred off of it. I thought they just had a tough time with the boring repetition of running it. Well, after having to hunt down the best of the Sacramento chiropractors for my own back, I finally figured out it was not the routine of the machine. Instead, it was how you had to bend and move a few hundred times a day or more to load it. It caused me some very bad back pain.

I was able to keep working it for two reasons. I had a great chiropractor that was doing adjustments and therapy as well as helping me exercise to build back muscles. I also suggested some changes to the ergonomics of the platform we worked from. It was way too high up for loading the machine properly. They wanted to keep a platform level with the other machines that were installed. This one needed the operator to be on a lower platform. They shut it down and reconstructed the platform. You now have to walk down four stairs to get to it. This put your arms at a much more user-friendly height for operating the machine.

My back pain pretty much evaporated after that. My chiropractor told me to only come back when I felt it was necessary to do so. I am glad I took the position to run this machine as it is the easiest one in the building now. I just needed to stick it out until the platform was adjusted. Now my back feels great, and my job is much easier than the one I had before.