My Back Started to Hurt After I Retired

When I retired is when my back started to hurt. I had a physically demanding job, and I worked out to be able to do it. I still work out, but I did not have all those other hours five days per week of doing my job. I should have rode my mountain bike more and moved more during the week. I let my back muscles weaken just enough to start me down a path of spinal misalignment. My San Diego chiropractor has been adjusting my back to alleviate the pain, and I received some very specific exercises to strengthen specific muscle groups in my back to help keep my spine in alignment.

The adjustments are better than painkillers. I got so bad for a time that I was taking them at least twice per day to be able to do the things I wanted to do. I could not even stand still in one spot because my back muscles would start to pull so bad that I could barely stand it. It actually felt better to keep moving. The exercises helped me to be able to stand still, walk, run, ride my bike longer and just overall do what I want to do without all that back pain. However, our lives are lived in cycles that seem to repeat themselves. In the winter, I do different things for exercise, and it is much easier to just sit down and read in front of the fireplace. When I stop moving for a couple of days or more, I start to hurt again.

My San Diego chiropractor keeps me in the game even when I am not following my exercise regimen, or even when I put on a couple of pounds due to liking coconut cream pie and a warm fire going in the fireplace.