Transexual Health

Male to female and female to male are the common descriptors used for transsexuals. The term “transgender” has been used Transgenders are people who express their birth gender differently over a certain time. There are three types of transgenders; the cross dresser, the bi-gender and the transexual.

Apart from the usual hate crimes and discrimination that they go through, transexuals are also exposed to a number of sexually transmitted diseases including HIV. In fact, the population of people who have HIV are mostly those who belong to this category. Consider this, in Los Angeles, 22% of transgenders are infected with the virus. There are a number of organizations which offer medical service, education, peer based counselling and advocacy among transsexuals.

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) is an international, interdisciplinary organization which consists of psychiatry, endocrinology, surgery, law, psychology, sociology and counselling experts to help transgenders. The organisation aims to bring together these professionals to develop best practices and supportive policies worldwide that promote health, research, education, respect, dignity, and equality for transgender.

The International Journal of Transgenderism is sponsored by World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) and remains an electronic journal containing various health issues related to transgenders.

Among the various websites, Trans-Health contains a number of articles related to body modification, nutrition, transitioning, mental & emotional health, hormones, aging and health care services for transsexuals.

HIV remains the biggest health issue among transsexuals and most transexual health efforts involve reports on the high risk that their lifestyles present and how this can lead to further spread of the virus. It is common for transgenders to experiment sexually. Some of them are involved in sex-for-money because they need the cash to support their hormone therapy needs, substance abuse habits, and perhaps a gender reversing surgery. And these are some of the problems that can further cause the prevalence of HIV.